There will be so much to see and do during the day, watch the Home Guard perform drill, listen to Winston Churchill's speeches, be entertained by live performers, learn more about the Home Front and of course see the Mill in all its glory, not to mention military and civilian vehicles. This page will be updated regularly as more re-enactors and exhibitors are confirmed:

Combe Mill will be fully open to visitors on the day. 

Find out about Combe Mill and what wonderful things you can see please see Combe Mill History

Winston Churchill

None other than Winston Churchill will be joining us in the alter ago of Steve McTigue, a renowned actor of film, television and radio.  Please take a look at Steve's website and do listen to his Churchill speech, which is astonishingly realistic.

Mr Churchill will be inspecting the troops and making speeches throughout the day.

For further information about Steve please see

Field Marshal Lord Alanbrooke
 We are delighted to welcome Stefen Dicks in the guise of Field Marshal Lord Alanbrooke, who was Chief of the Imperial Staff and head of the Army, he was Churchill's foremost military adviser.

May Blossom Vintage Songbird

May Blossom Vintage Songbird will be delighted us with song from the 40s throughout the day to tap your feet and sing along, should the fancy take you.

She has performed at many 1940s events and has a firm following.  If you would like to follow her Facebook site please click here.

Jilly Melodies and Memories

 Jilly enthralled visitors at Thames at War 2019 with her renditions of favourite 1930s / 1940s songs. She hopes her love of Big Band and Jazz style tunes will have you singing and swinging along. Although relatively new to vintage events Jilly felt very lucky to have performed on the 1940’s stage at Twinwood 2019. She loves how so many tunes evoke so many and varied memories, hence the name for her Facebook page – Jilly Melodies and Memories  

Oxfordshire Home Guard

 The Oxfordshire Home Guard living history group is dedicated to the memory of those men who, during World War 2, volunteered their services when the invasion of Great Britain was a very real threat. 
The group's aim is to preserve and promote the memory of the Home Guard.  For more information about Oxfordshire Home Guard please see

Utility Jude

 Many of the small contributions that women at home made in WW2 are little known, yet they played a vital part in the war effort on the Home Front. Telling these stories through living history displays gives a glimpse of how Granny, and her relations beyond, did their bit!

Ystation Reenactments
Secret Technology Display

 This is a fascinating display of WW2 secret technology and documentation in recreation and includes replicas of:- A listening station HRO Shortwave radio -Secret Listening Stations picked the Enigma coded messages sent by axis forces and sent them to Bletchley Park for decryption.
There were a large number of locations in the United Kingdom, the commonwealth and allied countries. Enigma Machine - 3 Rotor Enigma - used by Axis forces to encrypt and decrypt messages. Enigma Code Books - These are copies of code books taken from a sinking German Submarine in 1942 and were key to deciphering submarine codes at Bletchley Park. Marconi Type A Mk III SOE Suitcase Radio  and morse key- Used by SOE agents to send and receive messages when in German occupied countries.

4th Btn Dorsetshire

 We are the 4th Btn Dorsetshire regiment representing a Battalion HQ set a few miles behind the front lines in the Normandy campaign, the display is based around our 1941 Austin K2 GS lorry and our Morris 10 staff car. The Dorset regiment was involved in some of the heaviest fighting of the Normandy campaign and were involved in trying to support the Paras at Arnhem, they ended their war in Berlin in 1945

WVS Rest Centre

See how the Women's Voluntary Service helped bombed out victims in one of their Rest Centres.

69eme Regiment Infanterie de Fortresse

Imagine, if you will, a section of French Infantry men returning from Dunkirk on one of the little ships.  This quality French Army re-enactment group backs up their portrayal with many hours of research and participate in major commemorative events throughout Europe.  Their motto is Qui s'y frotte s'y pique! (If you go looking for trouble you'll find it!)

Doing Their Bit, Life on the Home Front
 Find out all about what women and children did on the Home Front during World War 2. Using our 'Windows on the War' display we explain all about life on the Home Front and delight in answering any questions you may have.

To find out more please see

Bill and Flora King
Bill and Flora King have a wonderful collection of all sorts of WW2 memorabilia and there is no-one more knowledgeable than Bill. 

Make Do and Mend
 With clothes rationing taking it's toll, how did women cope on the home front.  See how our experts turned worn out clothes into new.
Military Vehicles

Ford GPW Jeep
Austin K5 3 Tonner
Humber Heavy Utility
Ariel WNG Motorcycle

AEC Matador 
 Sunbeam Sidecar

1946 Tractor


1929 Triumph Super 7 Special